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Indeed Labs Vitamin c24 Cream – First Impressions


I’m finally getting on with some skincare posts. I have typical combination skin – dry cheeks and an oily t-zone. I have hyperpigmentation from acne that I had as a teenager. I get occasional breakouts, usually closed comedones which when extracted contain hard sebum. If I haven’t grossed you out keep on reading.

I’ve been researching skincare a lot over the last few months. I love makeup but without a good skincare routine your makeup will never look its best. I’ve been experimenting with serums and creams designed to improve the texture, luminosity and condition of your skin.

I bought the Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 Facial Creme from Boots a few days ago. I’ve used it a few times at night and wanted to blog my first impressions.

This creme stings. Now at first I thought it was because I’d done some extracting with my remover (from The Body Shop) so I reasoned that because my pores were unblocked and maybe a bit sore that was why. But after using it a few times since then my skin still stings when I use this. I did some more reading online and found this was a common side effect. I now think it makes sense as it’s a fairly high concentration of vitamin C that you’re applying to your face.

Topical vitamin C is hailed as a must-have ingredient in skincare as it helps to firm the skin and fade post-acne marks. This is the main reason why I bought it. I have hyperpigmentation from acne and I read that vitamin C in skincare is very beneficial. In the ingredients list you’ll see vitamin C listed as asorbic acid. It has antioxidant properties and helps to fight sun damage, encourage collagen production and improves skin texture with regular use.

Indeed Labs is available from Boots and Indeed Labs official site for £25.00 and $24.99.

I’ve only used it a few times but once I’ve used it for a solid month every evening I will do a proper review for you all.

Love blackpistachio x


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