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Op Ed: Do you need to be bitchy to be popular on Youtube?


This post was dreamt up after one of my favourite beauty Youtubers posted on Snapchat that she won’t be doing tutorials on a regular basis anymore.  This declaration made me quite sad. This Youtuber is great at what she does. She has nearly 500,000 subscribers, posts a variety of videos, snaps, instagram posts on beauty & skincare and she has a great imagination; she dreams up looks that I haven’t seen any other Youtuber do. She did makeup looks inspired by the Batman vs. Superman movie and the video was awesome. I’d watched it more than once. But what surprised me, was the amount of views this video received. It took a while to break the 25,000 viewers mark.

Now if you have nearly 500,000 subscribers I’d have thought that a 10% viewing threshold would be reasonable. There are huge Youtubers who post looks that they like to update with slight variations. This isn’t me throwing any shade, this is me acknowledging that there are Youtubers who rarely mix it up. And yet, their videos gain hundreds of thousands of views within a week.

I was discussing this with my mom and I developed this theory with her. I think that some Youtubers (beauty focused) are more popular than others because of their personality, the way they interact with the viewer. This isn’t an earth shattering revelation, but what I mean is how they actually TALK to the viewer. I may get some stick for saying this but I’ve noticed that it’s popular and expected for Youtubers to be catty, bitchy, crude, salty, to bully, and to just be plain horrible.

This Youtuber that I admire is none of these things. She posts honest reviews and as a result gets stick for not giving into pressure to post positive reviews on PR samples. Last time I checked, the reason why the beauty bloggers and vloggers movement took off was because the everyday consumer (myself included) was sick and tired of being bombarded with adverts that praised products with no real input from normal people. We wanted to see normal people try and test products and find out how they truly performed. Who else finds those mascara adverts annoying that claim to give length and volume and then at the bottom of the screen you see the following fine print: ”Filmed with lash inserts”.

I find it incredibly disappointing that this is where the movement seems to be heading. I’m not saying that all Youtubers need to censor themselves, necessarily, but it would be nice if they would conduct themselves with a little class and decorum. Society doesn’t take the beauty industry seriously as it is. If you’re interested in beauty, makeup, skincare, etc. you’re automatically deemed shallow and stupid. God forbid that you want to look nice and inspire others to do the same. Makeup has changed. It’s more than just concealing imperfections or enhancing our best features. It is pure artistry. You only need to search Instagram and you’ll be dazzled by how talented some of these makeup artists are – the professional and self-taught alike.

I think for those who are just starting out on Youtube there is a pressure to pretend to be something you’re not. I really hope that I’m not the only one who thinks that a bitchy and catty demeanour is not the way to gain subscribers and maintain a following. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all Youtubers with a solid following are like this. I’ve just noticed that some are and it’s disappointing when hardworking Youtubers aren’t getting the same level of engagement. The ones who resort to bullying and bitchiness seem to be thriving which is a sad testament on the current state of affairs.

What are your thoughts on this? If you’re a vlogger have you ever felt pressured to resort to shady tactics in order to increase your following? Are their vloggers who you onced loved who you don’t follow anymore for this reason? Tell me in the comments x

Love blackpistachio x


4 thoughts on “Op Ed: Do you need to be bitchy to be popular on Youtube?”

  1. I think the problem is people are so driven by gossip and drama that Youtubers throwing shade is just like a reality show they can watch unravel. But even worse because you get ‘trolls’ commenting and encouraging so in certain circumstances it becomes borderline cyber bullying.

    I think alot of it is done for views because not many youtubers stand out anymore, its like the same video but 20+ people, no new information or different perspective so people use shade to keep viewers coming.

    Just my thoughts anyway.

    Great post.



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