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Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints – Tootsie

img_1847The matte liquid lipstick obsession continues! I now own three matte lip paints by Coloured Raine: Raine Fever (review can be found here), Rockstar and now Tootsie. Coloured Raine has released a brand new duochrome liquid matte lipstick called Jade and it is stunning. I have a strong feeling that will soon be part of my collection. It’s just too pretty to pass up.

It may be officially winter but I’m still rocking some autumnal shades. Tootsie is perfect for this season. It’s described as a dark chocolate colour with slight cherry undertones.

I really do love this colour. It’s dark, full-bodied and goes with everything. Wearing lipstick and having freshly groomed brows just makes you look put together without much effort. (Please excuse my brows in this photo. I was staying in a hotel last weekend, I brought my NYX Tame & Frame with me but no slanted brow brush to apply it with! In desperation I used my Artist of Makeup Extreme Art Liner Pen as a substitute. I do not advise this btw)


Tootsie lasted me all night and didn’t budge despite the drinks and food I had. That’s the most impressive thing about these Matte Lip Paints. They last all night and they don’t flake off or dry out your lips. You need an oil-based cleanser to remove and I recommend using a clean flannel soaked in warm water to make the job easier.

These are my favourite matte lipsticks by far. I actually love them more than my Urban Decay Vice ones. I know my besties may keel over at this declaration.

Posts coming soon: Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Blackmail, Afterdark and Badblood. NYX matte lipstick in Aria, Golddigger and Siren. NYX Full-Throttle lipstick in Loaded and Nightcrawler.

Coloured Raine is available at beauty bay

What’s your favourite brand of matte lipstick?

Love blackpistachio x


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