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Tame & Frame – NYX Brow Pomade

I swore I would never join the brow pomade revolution and I kept to my word until my NYX Micro Brow and bareMinerals brow pencils ran out and I had to make the trip to town.

I’ve always used brow pencils and the Instagram brows that have exploded turned me off using brow pomades. My regular NYX Micro Brow pencil was out of stock and the sales advisor recommended the NYX Tame & Frame and gestured to her colleague who was wearing it in Espresso. Surprisingly, it was actually cheaper than the NYX Micro Brow pencil so I decided to give it a go.

I will never go back to brow pencils now. I never thought I’d cross over to the dark side. (But don’t think I’ll be carving my brows out with ashy concealer. That will never happen.)


I really like my NYX Tame & Frame. The colour Espresso is uber dark, but not too dark. It’s opaque, creamy and easy to apply. I would like to try the next shade down just for comparison sake.

I used to use my Real Techniques slanted brush that came in the original eye collection but I actually prefer my slanted brush by The Body Shop as it’s thinner and sharper.

Here’s my brows using NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Espresso

Mini Brow Video

As you can see you can use a brow pomade without your brows looking as though they’re painted on your face.

This is definitely a favourite product of mine and I love that it’s drugstore!

What is your favourite eyebrow product?

Love blackpistachio x


15 thoughts on “Tame & Frame – NYX Brow Pomade”

  1. I looooove Tame & Frame I use if daily, only thing is it driestill out kinda quick but I guess all pomades do, I can’t imagine using a pencil now. I really want to give wunderbrow a go at some point. Your brows look fab btw!xfjx

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  2. I first started off with Mac dipbrow after using pencils and powder. I used to always end up with no brows ant the end of the day and wanted something long lasting that stayed put. Now my brows only come off when I want them too! Pomade changed my life! I’m currently using ABH pomade but need a darker shade. I’m off to the NYX counter! Yours look amazing!!

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  3. Your brows look amazing and natural, I’m currently growing mine out so I can try a different shape and I feel the same about the instagram brows. They are too much but the idea of a more defined brow is beautiful. I’ll be looking for this next time I’m in boots or Superdrug!

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