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The Stable, Birmingham

I’m a habitual creature. I don’t go to new restaurants often. I find one I like (usually a chain) and then I tend to stick with it. In short, I’m in Nando’s a lot and there was a short obsession with TGIF which promptly ended due to a curt manager. Meh.

So I’m glad to have discovered The Stable which is a new restaurant in the Midlands. They reached out on the Brum Bloggers Facebook page and via Twitter. I saw their tweet and promptly replied. Opportunities to review restaurants for little bloggers like me don’t come often so I really didn’t want to miss out.

I liaised with Abi, their PR & Events manager and she was lovely. Jon, the manager, confirmed my reservation. I was really excited and couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive as I’ve never done this before!

I took my friend Constance and was so glad she was available to come with me. We arrived shortly after 7pm and I had a mini freak out (in my head) because the security guy told me Jon wasn’t there and my reservation was not known. He was joking, thankfully! Arta met me at the entrance and ticked my name off. She was really nice and friendly. She led us to a reserved table and it even had my name! It was a nice little booth.


I was dead chuffed to see this! 🙂

Now onto the menu!


The Stable specialises in pizza, pies and cider. Simple food. I had an idea of what to expect as my beh beh, Sam, sent me photos of her meal down south. Their pizza looked amazing so I was really excited to try them. Constance chose The Big Jerk pizza and I went for The Bute Island Blazer. Check them out!

The Stable Birmingham The Big Jerk Pizza
The Big Jerk Pizza

The Big Jerk in all its glory.

The Bute Island Blazer Pizza at The Stable, Birmingham
The Bute Island Blazer Pizza – Vegan Pizza!

Behold, my vegan pizza! I was ecstatic when it arrived. I’ve never seen a pizza so pleasing to the eyes. It’s the most incredible pizza I’ve ever seen. And, it wasn’t just how it looked, it tasted really good, too. I loved the spiciness and the peppers. The vegan cheese was really nice and that’s no easy feat. The base was nice and thin and my pizza was cooked well. I didn’t feel overly full after eating and I appreciate the pizza cutter that was provided. I really enjoyed my food 🙂

The wait staff were great. There was a really nice girl at the bar (she had great eyeliner and I made a point of telling her so) and the staff who served our food were friendly and attentive without being over bearing. One commented on my happy demeanour which was nice as I’d had a horrible afternoon.

To drink we chose the cider tasting board. I really like this idea. The Stable has tons of ciders so this is a great way to try them. Constance was in the mood for sweet drinks so Fab Eyeliner Girl chose a bunch of sweet ones for us.

Cider Tasting Board at The Stable, Birmingham
A sweet Cider Tasting Board


  1. Apricot
  2. Devon Blush
  3. Lemon + Lime
  4. Beesting
  5. Wild Elder

My favourite was Beesting. First off, great name. It’s a strong one at 7.5% but it was nice to drink. Apricot was really light and fresh and didn’t have that distinct cider aftertaste. Devon Blush and Wild Elder were great choices, too. The Lemon + Lime was ok but didn’t wow me like the others. I would definitely drink a pint of Beesting, Devon Blush and Wild Elder. Wild Elder will be perfect for those hot summer days if we’re fortunate to get any this year.

I like the decor and ambience of The Stable. It’s a really chilled place and I felt quite relaxed considering it was a new environment. The music wasn’t too loud and the lights were low. One of my favourite things about the evening was the live music. BEAR performed tonight and I loved them. Their covers made me so happy. Lots of Bob Marley and I can’t remember the rest but they were awesome. I made sure to tell Faye (1/2 of BEAR) before I left.

They do a regular event now, called Shanty Town and I really want to go. It’s free and is all live art and music.

And now for the desserts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ice cream was yum. It had real whole chocolate chips which were a delight to find with eat mouthful. I was impressed with my cheesecake. The presentation was beautiful and the praline and ginger was tasty.

Arta apologised for not being able to talk to us more about their ciders, but she encouraged us to come back and have a proper cider tasting. I will definitely take her up on the offer as I really enjoyed them.

The Stable, Birmingham was a pleasant surprise. I’m really grateful to Jon, Abi and Arta for the opportunity to review the restaurant and the warm hospitality from all the staff. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the live music was such a nice touch.

I can’t wait to visit them again.

Have you visited The Stable?

Love blackpistachio x


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