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Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife Highlighter

Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter on dark skin
Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter by Rihanna

Yaasss, Rihanna!

My girl came out with 40 foundation shades on the first launch of her brand new makeup line, Fenty Beauty. She had all shades, complexions, undertones and skin tones of women in mind. Unlike shady, salty-enough-to-give-me-a-stroke, Make Up Forever, we need to give Rihanna credit where it is most definitely due. I do want to try her foundation as I have oily/combo skin but for now I am content to dip my toe into Fenty Beauty by trying the heart attack inducing Trophy Wife highlighter that has beauty fanatics shook.

I made a trip to Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox on the 14 September, 6 days after the initial launch of Fenty Beauty. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the display/counter because it wasn’t clean and I expected it to be much bigger. One thing I must mention is that some people are tramps. Those Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters were abused. I am telling you now that when I first layed eyes on them they were DIG OUT. They looked as though some teefin person came in with a teaspoon and just dug out what they could out the pan and then went on their merry way. No way in hell does an 8g highlighter hit pan in 6 days from mere swatching. Ugh.

Anywayyyyy, Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter in my opinion is worth the hype. It is insanely pigmented and you really have to be careful  not to go nuts with your application. This is Trophy Wife, not Subtle Wife, so patience and a light hand is definitely key. I repeat, use a light hand and don’t overload your brush.

I know a lot of people will be concerned about the amount of glitter flecks in Trophy Wife and I definitely was, too. To combat this I suggest lightlyyyy tapping your brush into it and spraying your brush so that everything sticks and you don’t end up with highlighter or glitter flecks were you don’t want them.

Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters retail for £26. In the two individuals you get 8 grams of product and the compact comes with a mirror. FB is embossed in the highlighter which gives it a high-end feel. Photos below 🙂

Trophy Wife on women of color on black skin Fenty Beauty by Rihanna
Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife Highlighter on women of color
Trophy Wife poppin on the melanin

That’s me wearing Trophy Wife.  I used my Real Techniques contour brush to apply.  If you live in the UK you can buy Fenty Beauty from Harvey Nichols either online or in store.

I think Trophy Wife isn’t an everyday highlighter but it’s perfect for special occasions or nights out when you wanna glow on these … 😉

Have you tried out the Fenty Beauty line?

Love blackpistachio x


17 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife Highlighter”

  1. That’s a lovely highlighter, and it looks beautiful on you. I personally don’t wear highlighter becuase I don’t think it looks right on me. Also I could just not be applying it right, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. when i saw this particular highlighter on social media…..i was unsure it would even work as a highlighter! It looked garish and scary lol. But on you….its so pretty!

    ‘dig out’ hahaha you made me buss up cos even if it wasn’t written that way…
    That’s probably how i would have read it!

    A great read xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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