Gin Lovers Rejoice! The Jekyll & Hyde has a New Gin Cocktail Menu



I visited The Jekyll & Hyde in Birmingham a week ago with my darling friend, Constance. I was invited to try out their new gin cocktail menu and I was very excited. We were introduced to Schmoo aka Luke the bartender. He was lovely and knew a lot about gin.


To start I had the Red Weed gin cocktail. Liquorice is a key ingredient and an acquired taste but I really liked it! The Red Weed cocktail is made with Boe Violet gin, liquorice, blackberry, rhubarb and ginger beer. I think the liquorice and ginger beer went really well together. Plus the drink was pink and I do like pink.

The Red Weed Gin Cocktail at The Jekyll & Hyde. It is made with Boe Violet Gin.
The Red Weed Gin Cocktail


Constance had an elephant gin. Schmoo told us that the proceeds go to elephant charities so while you’re getting lit up you’re also helping out our ivory tusked friends. My second batch of gins were awesome. Look at the presentation!

The Gin Flight cocktails at The Jekyll & Hyde
The Gin Flight

This is called The Gin Flight. It’s a great way to try a few gins with a Fevertree tonic. You get three gins – the Tanqueray Sevilla, Gold 999.9% and Buss 509 peach gin. I’ve never had Tanqueray Sevilla before and this one proved to be my favourite of the three. It has a subtle orangey taste to it. The super cold glasses created a nice condensation as we sipped our cocktails.


My last gin cocktail was my favourite out of all of them.  It’s based on Game of Thrones.  The Valar Morghulis. It’s made with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, raspberry, lemon and a Pinot Noir float. The raspberries were a nice touch and I easily could have drunk two of these.

The Valor Morghulis Gin Cocktail based on Game of Thrones
The Valar Morghulis Gin Cocktail


The Jekyll & Hyde is also trying to build a library and if you bring in a book you no longer want you’ll save 50% off your first drink. I think this is a great idea. As an English grad I have a few books I’d be very willing to donate *cough* Bleak House *cough*.

I’m a big fan of the decor. There’s pin up girls that line the walls as you go up the stairs, allusions to Alice in Wonderland and it has a relaxed atmosphere on a Friday night. On a Saturday the gin parlour is far busier so booking in advance is advised.

It’s been years since I visited the Jekyll & Hyde but after trying their new gin cocktails in their gin parlour I’ll be visiting again. Maybe on a Saturday night as I like a busy environment.

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I’d like to thank Schmoo for guiding us with our choices on the night 🙂

Are you a gin lover? What are your favourite gins?

Love blackpistachio x



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